Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Word Tips - Mixing Potrait and Landscape Orientation in a Document

Sometimes we want to have table or diagram such as organisation chart to be layed out in landscape orientation in our Microsoft Word document. What most people will do is they either have these diagrams in a separate document that has been changed to landscape or they will use Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint and then print them separately. Some may take a screenshot of their diagram and then paste it in the Word document as picture. The picture will then be rotated to fit the potrait oriented page.

Don't use Page Break when you want to create a new page for the diagram. Things will be alot easier if you use Section Break. By using Section Break, you will be able to change the orientation for the new page without effecting previous pages that is in potrait orientation.

Follow the steps below:

  1. To create the new page for the diagram, go to Page Layout tab, Page Setup group (for earlier Word versions, go to Insert menu and select Breaks).
  2. Click Breaks button and select Next Page under Section Breaks.

    You will now have a new page.

  3. Click in the new page.
  4. Click the Orientation button in the Page Setup group and select Landscape (for earlier versions, go to File menu and select Page Setup. You'll then find Orientation under Margins tab).

Now your new page will have the landscape orientation while all pages before it is still in portrait. To have the following page to be in portrait orientation again, follow step 1 through 4 but choose Potrait in step 4.


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