Saturday, August 15, 2009

Groove 2007 Top 10 Benefits

Microsoft Office Groove 2007 is a collaboration software program for working on a broad range of project activities, from simple document collaboration to custom solutions integrated with business processes.

  1. Bring the team, tools, and information together in one place.
    Teams often lack context when working on a project because not everyone is in the same place and connected to the same information and systems. Groove workspaces add context by putting all people, tools, and data in one place — the workspace — that's accessible to all team members right on their computers.

  2. Customize each workspace for the team's unique needs.
    With Office Groove 2007, you and your team decide what tools you need to get the job done. Choose from more than ten basic tools, such as Files, Discussion, and Calendar, as well as several prebuilt workspace templates. Or design your own custom tools with Groove Forms and Groove InfoPath Forms.

  3. Collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers — with one product.
    No more switching tools when you need to work with people outside your organization. With Office Groove 2007, it's as easy to invite a customer or partner to a workspace as it is a coworker.

  4. Stay productive anywhere, online or offline.
    Office Groove 2007 stores all your workspaces, tools, and data right on your computer — there's no need to connect to the corporate network to access or update information. You stay productive whether you're working in the office, at a customer site, on the road, or from home.

  5. Stay in sync, automatically and efficiently.
    Groove automatically sends the changes you make in a workspace to your team members' computers. And your team members' changes are sent to you each time you log onto Office Groove 2007 while connected to the Internet. No more attaching, detaching, uploading, or downloading.

  6. See who's working on what, when.
    With built-in presence awareness, alerts, and unread marks, you know who's working on what, when, without having to ask. You and your team spend less time coordinating and more time working.

  7. Synchronize SharePoint document libraries with Office Groove 2007.
    With the new built-in SharePoint Files tool, you can easily check out documents from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 team site into an Groove workspace, collaborate on them, and push them back when you're done — all with just a few mouse clicks.

  8. Create a form with Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007; share it with Office Groove 2007.
    With the new built-in InfoPath Forms Tool, you can import forms solutions created in Office InfoPath 2007. Why? So you and your team can collect and track fielded data, such as status reports and questionnaires, right inside your project workspaces.

  9. Make the most of impromptu encounters with Microsoft Office Communicator integration.
    With new integration with the 2005 and 2007 versions of Office Communicator, Office Groove 2007 helps you engage your teammates at just the right time, wherever they are. See the presence information for your Communicator contacts and start communicating with them right from Office Groove 2007.

  10. Work with international teams in their own languages.
    With support for 28 languages, your global team members can now experience the power of Office Groove 2007 in their native languages.

- Siti Suriani

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