Saturday, August 15, 2009

Publisher 2007 Top 10 Benefits

Microsoft Office Publisher 2007, also available as part of Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 and Microsoft Office Professional 2007, makes it easy for business users to create and distribute impressive marketing materials in-house.

  1. Efficiently create high-quality publications that reflect your brand identity.
    The new Getting Started experience provides dynamic previews so you can easily create and apply your brand elements to all Office Publisher 2007 templates. First develop your brand identity using custom color schemes, font schemes, your logo, and your business information. Then apply your branding with one click by choosing from an extensive library of customizable design templates or blank publications, including newsletters, brochures, flyers, postcards, Web sites, and e-mail formats.

  2. Preview and access high-quality Microsoft Office Online templates from within Office Publisher 2007.
    Get more Office Publisher 2007 templates free from Office Online. New capabilities in Office Publisher 2007 help you easily locate, preview, open, and save Publisher templates from Office Online right within the Publisher Catalog. View Office Online templates from within Office Publisher 2007 categories, or use the new Search tool to find just the right template quickly, whether it’s located on Office Online or included in Office Publisher 2007. You can also efficiently categorize, preview, open, and save your templates within My Templates for fast retrieval.

  3. Connect with customers by personalizing your publications.
    Use enhanced Mail Merge, Catalog Merge, and new E-Mail Merge to create personalized publications for print or e-mail distribution. Merge task pane options guide you through the process of selecting lists, adding text and image fields and personalized hyperlinks, or previewing and completing your mailing. Improvements in e-mail distribution and viewing, including support for sending multipage publications as a single page message, make it easier than ever to create and send publications as e-mail messages.

  4. Convert your publications to PDF or XPS format.
    Convert your publication to Portable Document Format (PDF) or XML Paper Specification (XPS) format.1 With Office Publisher 2007 you can share and print publications in PDF and XPS without additional third-party tools. PDF settings within Office Publisher 2007 include options for creating PDF documents suitable for online viewing, desktop printing, and commercial press.

  5. Simplify the process of creating publications with Office Publisher Tasks.
    Get assistance with common Publisher procedures and simplify the process of creating and distributing publications and marketing materials using new Publisher Tasks. Publisher Tasks include tips for personalizing your publication, preparing your mailing lists, preparing publications for commercial printing, reusing content, working with images, and more.

  6. Combine lists within Office Publisher 2007 for targeted mailings.
    Using improved Mail Merge, you can create, manage, and store a single customer list in Office Publisher 2007 by combining and editing customer lists from multiple sources, including Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office Outlook with Business Contact Manager, Microsoft Office Access, and more.

  7. Save time by reusing your work.
    Several new and improved features help you make the most of the time you invest in your work. Save time and effort by storing frequently used text and graphics in the new Content Library to use in other Publisher publications. Or, quickly reuse content from one publication type, such as a multipage newsletter, by placing it into an e-mail template or Web layout for online distribution. Use the improved Save as Picture feature to save publication elements for reuse in other programs. You can also insert your existing text and graphics from other programs into your Publisher publications.

  8. Build custom publications from a database.
    Use the improved Catalog Merge to automatically build a publication by merging pictures and text from a data source (such as Excel or Access). Create custom publications of varying complexity, ranging from a datasheet to a sophisticated catalog.

  9. Fine-tune your publications with powerful, intuitive design tools.
    Whether you’re starting from a template or a blank publication, you can further customize and refine your publication using the rich collection of intuitive design, layout, typography, and graphics tools available in Office Publisher 2007. You can adjust tracking and kerning, create and apply multiple master pages, adjust grids and guides, use baseline alignment, insert images from a scanner or digital camera, recolor and crop images, and more. Before printing, publishing, or distributing your publications, be sure to run the improved Design Checker to quickly identify and correct potential commercial printing, Web, or e-mail problems.

  10. Effectively manage and track your marketing campaigns.
    Improved Office Publisher 2007 integration with Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager (available in Office Small Business 2007 and Office Professional 2007) provides new tools for managing and tracking Marketing Campaigns. Create your print or e-mail collateral in Office Publisher 2007 and use Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager to easily track marketing materials you send and the responses you receive.

- Siti Suriani


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  2. Thanks Kate for your positive comment and sugestion.

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